Invested in music.

Catch Point provides liquidity solutions for songwriters, artists, and rights holders. Our New York-based firm is fully funded and creator-focused, with an independent spirit and commitment to quick and transparent transactions.

We have closed quickly on dozens of transactions in the past 18+ months and continue to grow relationships throughout the industry.

Options for creators include:  
Acquisition of all or a portion of a catalog for the life of the copyrights.

Fixed Term Royalty Participation (FTRP)SM with an upfront payment for Catch Point’s right to receive royalties for up to 30 years.

Process includes:
Exploration and Valuation, including a detailed review of each catalog, leading to a thoroughly researched valuation indication, followed by a Letter of Intent.

Diligence and Closing: Once a Letter of Intent is signed, Catch Point conducts due diligence and typically closes within 6 to 8 weeks after signing a Letter of Intent.

- 5 to 7+ year age of copyrights
- Annual revenue of at least $200,000
- Stable track record of royalty earnings
   across key sectors

*The above statements are based on our current beliefs and assumptions and on information currently available that we believe to be reasonable, however, such statements necessarily involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions, and prospective investors may not put undue reliance on any of these statements.

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